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01. Make informed business decisions

Utilize data insights to enhance strategic decision-making and empower businesses to make informed choices.

02. Streamline business operations

Harness data to streamline business operations, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in every process.

03. Mitigate risk and deal with setbacks

Employ data analytics to proactively mitigate risks and effectively handle unforeseen setbacks, enhancing business resilience.

04.Optimise and improve customer experience

Leverage data analysis to optimize and elevate the customer experience, meeting and exceeding expectations.

05. Improve process and cost-effectiveness

Improve cost-effectiveness by identifying areas for optimization through data-driven analysis and resource allocation.

06. Monitor and improve financial performance

Continuously monitor and enhance financial performance using data-driven insights and metrics.

The Data Science and Analytics Experts You Can Trust

We pride ourselves on being the trusted experts in data science and analytics. Here’s why you should choose us for all your data-driven needs

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Our data science and analytics services


At Datamine Analytics, we are committed to empowering data professionals and enthusiasts with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the data-driven world.

Analytics Consulting

We are your trusted partner in harnessing the power of data to drive business growth. Our analytics consulting services provide tailored solutions to help organizations make informed decisions, optimize operations, and maximize their data assets.


Datamine Analytics follows global best practices for research, ensuring a scientific approach in design and implementation.

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Business Analytics with Excel

Discover essential tools and approaches for conducting Business Analytics using Excel.
Our curriculum will explain from a practical standpoint Formatting in Excel, Basic and advanced Excel Functions, Data Cleaning & ETL, Data Analysis, Spreadsheet Modeling, and Introduction to Excel programming among others.
There’s so much you can do with Excel for Business Analytics.



Accelerate your career for growth with the right technical skill set required for data analytics.
Our trainees learn how to Interpret data to inform better business decisions using Excel, SQL programming, Power BI etc.
Join the next Datamine Bootcamp and get answers to complex business questions with data analytics
Learn and get certified


SQL Programming

Learn how to extract and analyze data from databases using Structured Query Language (SQL). Our consultants will teach you how to extract data, join tables, conduct aggregations and filter conditions.
In no time, you’ll be able to design effective SQL queries to handle a variety of data analysis tasks.


Python/R for Data Science & Machine Learning

Learn the basics of Python/R programming and use popular Python and machine learning toolkits like Numpy, Pandas, and GitHub to get insight into data using statistical, machine learning, information visualization, text analysis, and model-building approaches.

Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation

For informed decision-making, understand your business data and gather intelligence from numerous data sources. Learn how to leverage data analysis, predictive analytics, and data visualization technologies to help give real-time actionable intelligence while also understanding your company’s immediate and long-term objectives.
With accurate data analysis, you can make smarter business decisions.

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Analytics Consulting

Analytics Consulting

Business Intelligence

As your business expands, so does the amount of data you have. It becomes difficult to organize and extract value from large amounts of data.
Our data analysts will mine and collect data from your core systems, organizing it into a high-performance data warehouse, while providing business users with front-end access to this warehouse.
This will help decision-makers understand market trends and irregularities, staying on the edge of competition.
Gain insights and predict the occurrence

Analytics Consulting

Database Management and Data Warehouse

Our core at Datamine Analytics is geared towards helping you understand your business data, measuring what works, and what needs to be refined.
Our consultants deploy and manage your database and warehouse on a cloud storage platform or a data centre. We clean, combine, store, organize, integrate and analyze the massive volumes of data generated daily, transforming raw files into valuable data that will be useful in decision-making.
Measure what matters: RAW FILES = VALUABLE DATA

Analytics Consulting

Report Automation

It is expected that with the amount of data your business generated, frequent reporting of changes, alterations and recurrences are reported. Manual reporting is a major challenge, as it is time-consuming, and there can be errors and irregularities.
Let us help you save hundreds of hours by fully automating your reporting using RPA, sophisticated data collecting and modelling, and ready-to-use reports in Excel, Tableau, Looker, and other platforms.
At Datamine Analytics, we ensure that your data reporting is automated, and up-to-date, helping you measure what matters most by the business objectives.
Analyse customer trends, behaviour and satisfaction

Analytics Consulting

Application Integration

We offer professional application and system integration services, linking a wide range of on-premise and cloud apps to transform and orchestrate the data needed for business activities.
Application integration is critical to your digital transformation strategy and helps you automate your business processes. Our business procedures are efficient and error-free, providing accurate and up-to-date business insights, needed for the fast-changing market conditions.
Automate your business processes

Analytics Consulting

Data Science

Using tools like automation, process optimisation, and predictive analytics, we’ll take your data requirements and turn them into strong analytical modules that help you find insight gaps, spot opportunities, improve business outcomes, and tighten operational efficiency.
With careful forecasting and practical root-cause analysis, we outline your business objectives, sharing and executing data science best practices to drive your decision-making.
You’ll be able to create accurate predictions, obtain important consumer insights, and make wiser business decisions while mitigating risks and lowering operating expenses.
Optimise your business operations

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Market Research

Analytics Consulting

Opinion Polls

Over the years, our team has been involved in leading and supporting numerous market research, opinion polls, surveys, and evaluations of both business and social interventions.
We have proven success in leading the conduct of robust country-wide research utilizing qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method research methodologies, and up-to-date technologies to collect, transform, analyze and provide insight and user-friendly pathways to addressing a range of operational, technical, or business problems.

Analytics Consulting

School Research

With seasoned professionals who bring proven experience in conducting social and market research, public health, and development programs, implementation/action research, comprehensive assessments across all business/program cycles, monitoring and evaluation of programs, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations, and training research personnel.
Stay ahead of business trends with research, insights and usable metrics.


Inspiring Success Stories: Datamine Analytics Bootcamp Testimonials

Explore the remarkable journeys of our Bootcamp participants as they share their experiences of transformation and achievement.

Hear firsthand accounts of how Datamine Analytics’ Business Analytics with Excel, Data Science, and Engineering Bootcamps have elevated skills, unlocked new opportunities, and paved the way for success. Join us in celebrating their accomplishments and let their stories inspire and motivate you. Start your own journey to success with Datamine Analytics today.

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